What Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic bodybuilding diet looked like

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The seven-time Mr Olympia champion had one of the greatest physiques of all time.

While modern bodybuilders are known for their extreme muscle, freaky vascularity and distended guts, Arnie had the perfect classic look.

It’s something many people who train want to know how to emulate.

A big part of what made Schwarzenegger one of the greatest ever bodybuilding athletes was his diet. It underpinned his training, helped him pack on muscle and enabled him to get cut for competition.

Modern bodybuilding diets might seem quite complex or hard to follow. But Arnie’s way of eating was pretty simple – but it got him one of the best bodies of all time.

JOE has done some digging to find out exactly how to eat like Arnie.


Schwarzenegger ate five or six smaller meals throughout the day, according to a 1991 article in ‘Muscle Mag’.

He got the lion’s share of his nutrition from whole foods, eliminating processed crap and refined sugars from his diet.

Bodybuilders like Arnie believe eating so many regular meals throughout the day meant the metabolic rate stayed high, while eating smaller meals meant he could train harder and more effectively, according to HowToBeFit.

It’s believed he ate between 4,000 and 5,000 calories a day to maintain his Olympia-winning size.

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