We’re Now One Step Closer to the Discovery of Intelligent Alien Life Thanks to a New Method

Transit Zone

The Earth’s transit zone is the area in which any alien can observe the dimming of sun’s light due to the Earth crossing the face of the Sun. Those aliens that may have interpreted the regular dimming of Sun’s light are not located all over the universe; rather, they reside in a narrow strip called transit zone.

The new suggestion leading to the confining of the search for the discovery of intelligent alien life can speed up the process. Scientists believe that if there are real aliens with man’s intelligence, then there are good chances that they would employ our own methods to detect life forms other than theirs on other planets.

As Dr. Heller has explained, with employing of the new method, it may take less than a life span to find if the alien astronomers that could have detected our earth are real or not. According to Heller, Earth’s transit zone is an area composed of many host stars that can include over 100,000 potential targets for intelligent alien life. And so we have to wait for the outcome of new observations.