Top 10 People Who Possibly Explored The Americas Before Christopher Columbus

9. Saint Brendan (Possibly Reached The Americas Between 512 and 530 AD)

Perhaps a full thousand years later, Saint Brendan of Clonfert, also known as The Navigator, lived in Ireland. As a saint, he is the subject of hagiographic literature, the most fantastic of which suggesting he undertook a number of voyages straight out of a Jules Verne book. For example, he encounters a sea monster, while searching for the Garden of Eden with anywhere from seventeen to sixty fellow voyagers, using a boat made of skin or leather, known as a currach.

Whether they accomplished this fantastic voyage or not is uncertain and, as with Lehi, one must have faith to believe the story due to the various supernatural elements (God intervenes, for example, to save the crew from a sea creature.) Regardless, Brendan became a revered man whom Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Anglican Christians alike celebrate as the patron saint of boatmen, divers, mariners, sailors, travelers, whales, the diocese of Clonfert and the diocese of Kerr. Busy guy.