Top 10 Famous Historical Sites You Didn’t Know Were Haunted

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There are many locations that people claim to be haunted by some sort of other world spirit or presence. Many ghosts are said to hang out in old abandoned buildings, or lonely stretches of road that are rarely traveled. However, it appears some ghosts try to distract themselves from their unrequited afterlife by getting as much attention as possible. These ghosts choose to hang out in much more famous places, especially those frequented by tourists.

Unsurprisingly, some entrepreneurial people see this as a great opportunity to create a tour business and make money. In many cases, like a few of those below, the local government itself takes advantage of the haunted reputation.

10. Little Bighorn

The site at Little Bighorn has had reports of hauntings for a very long time now. The Crow were the first to report it, believing that when the flag was lowered at night, the dead were now able to walk the area; when the flag was raised in the morning, the dead went back to rest again. Today the stories still persist, most of them centering on apparitions of the late General George Custer. When people see him, he is supposedly in full uniform and the look in his eyes is said to be very sad. Those who see him report an incredible feeling of dread come over them, and claim to have horrible chills. The guides at the museum believe that the dread is because Custer hasn’t accepted his death and was traumatized by losing. Some would argue that if the apparition is real, the dread accompanying his presence is due to Custer being kind of a jerk.

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