The One County In Georgia With 33 Waterfalls You’ll Want To Visit

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Waterfalls are one of Georgia’s best natural attractions. Our state is flush with opportunities to see them in all their glory. In fact, if you want to make a whole weekend trip out of it, then you should take a look at: The Ultimate Georgia Waterfalls Road Trip Is Here—And Anyone Can Do It. However, the good news is there is also one county in Georgia that is home to 34 different falls, which seems like one heck of an adventure waiting to be had. Take a look at why Rabun County needs to be your next waterfall destination in Georgia.

1. Ada-hi Falls – Black Rock Mountain State Park

Pronounced Uh-dah`’he, Ada-hi Falls is located in Black Rock Mountain State Park. With an observation deck and mountain overlooks throughout the trail, this waterfall remains one of the hidden gems of the area.

2. Angel Falls – Lake Rabun

Near Lake Rabun, you’ll find the stunning Angel Falls. This beaut is on the same trail as Panther Falls which you’ll see below, separated only by one half of a mile.

3. Tallulah Falls – Tallulah Gorge State Park

The six waterfalls known as the Tallulah Falls are all peppering the gorge in this famed park. You could easily spend a whole day exploring these waterfalls and hiking at the bottom of the gorge.

4. Bad Branch Falls

Bad Branch Falls is one of those “under-the-radar” waterfalls that most people aren’t aware even exist! Located near Lake Rabun and Lake Seed, Bad Branch Falls is just an easy walk from the trailhead for those who aren’t looking to hit the trails all day.

5. Minnehaha Falls – Lake See Dam

This 100-foot waterfall located near the Lake Seed Dam is one heck of an experience. Just a short hike from the small parking area, guests are able to see the towering falls from a perfect vantage point every time.

6. Panther Falls – Rabun Beach Camping Area #2

Another Rabun County favorite, Panther Creek Falls is a go-to for hikers and those just looking to take a dip. Located near Rabun Beach Camping Area #2, hikers can enjoy Panther Falls, then continue on to the larger Angel Falls as seen in #2 above.

7. Becky Branch Falls – Bartram Trail

Ever heard of Becky Branch Falls? Not many people have. Located on the Bartram Trail in Warwoman Dell, Becky Branch Falls can be seen by hitting the Becky Branch Falls Trail which is a loop trail which clocks in under 1 mile.

8. Hemlock Falls – Moccasin Creek State Park

Both Hemlock Falls and Upper Falls are on Moccasin Creek in Moccasin Creek State Park. The Hemlock Trail is about a mile long and will take hikers through the forest to wind up at the flowing falls.

9. Dick’s Creek Falls

Located in the Chattahoochee National Forest, hikers can use the Dick’s Creek Trail to access this waterfall beaut. Featuring a 60-foot drop, this is one of the most underrated waterfalls in the state.

10. Cascade Falls – Tallulah Gorge

Also known as Caledonia Cascade, Cascade Falls is the the second-tallest waterfall in Georgia at 600-feet in height. You can find this stunner at the beginning of Tallulah River.

11. Big Creek Falls

Located in the Chattahoochee National Forest in Rabun County, Big Creek Falls is one of those hidden gems that may require specific coordinates to find. So if you’re feeling frisky, then you can use these to score a direct hit: 34°59′N 83°11.6′W.

12. Ammon Falls

If you’re hitting the trails to another Rabun County waterfall—Holcomb Creek Falls—you’ll be on the two mile loop that will take you to Ammons Creek Falls, too! Hit the observation deck for some truly stunning scenery.
These are just a few of the waterfalls in Rabun County. If you want the full list of 33 falls in Rabun County, Georgia, here you go!

Ada-Hi Falls

Ammons Creek Falls

Angel Falls

Bad Branch Falls

Becky Branch Falls

Big Creek Falls

Bull Sluice Rapids

Caledonia Cascade

Crow Creek Falls

Darnell Falls

Dick’s Creek Falls

Dolly Falls

Estatoah Falls

Hemlock Falls & Upper Falls

Upper Falls on Holcomb Creek

Kilby Mill Falls

Laural Falls

Martin Creek Falls

Minnehaha Falls

Mud Creek Falls

Panther Falls

Singley’s Falls

Stonewall Creek Falls

Sylvan Mill Falls

L’Eau d’Or Falls

Tempesta Falls

Hurricane Falls

Oceana Falls

Bridal Veil

Sweet Sixteen

Three Forks

Timpson Creek Falls

Wildcat Creek Falls

So many waterfalls in Rabun County, so little time! Have you visited any of these waterfalls before? Share with us which ones are your favorites!

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