The 12 Creepiest Archaeology Finds in Human History

2. “Alien” Skulls Were The Result Of Infant Skull Binding

These “alien skulls” were discovered in a Mexican graveyard. At the site, researchers found a total of 25 children’s skulls, 13 of which possessed strange malformations. Though they look alien, they are in fact the result of skull binding, an ancient practice in cultures around the world. Several also had dental mutilation, filing their teeth. It seems that many or all of the children may have died from failed attempts at cranial deformation.

The finding isn’t exactly new, but it is the first time the practice was discovered north of Central and South America. Often these unusual skull shapes were created by wrapping an infant’s malleable skull between two boards. Over months or years, this would lead to a “cone-shaped” head. Archaeologists aren’t sure exactly why this group practiced cranial deformation, though it’s often considered a sign of elevated social status.