Honey with Turmeric: The Most Potent Antibiotic That not even Doctors Can Explain

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What if I told you that there is an easily available and affordable spice that is a powerful natural remedy for colds, respiratory issues, tummy troubles, skin problems, cuts, wounds, muscles sprains and other health issues?

I am not joking. Turmeric may be the answer for many of your pains and ailments.

Turmeric is an ancient super spice that has been used in Ayurvedic, Indian and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The magic of turmeric lies in its active ingredient, curcumin, bringing it inflammation-reducing, antioxidant and anti-bacterial benefits.

Benefits Of Turmeric:

  • Reduce inflammation in your body
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve your digestion
  • Improve depression and anxiety
  • Reduce oxidative stress
  • Prevent cancer
  • Improve autoimmune conditions
  • Can benefit diabetics

Why Mix Turmeric With Black Pepper?

Turmeric itself is difficult for your body to absorb, but with black pepper, it becomes bioavailable to your body. The active compound in black pepper, piperine, makes curcumin 2000 times more bioavailable and more powerful.

Knowing these benefits, we’ve got your back. We have added black pepper to our turmeric-infused drink, Organifi Gold and our Organifi Daily Turmeric supplement too.

How Do You Use Turmeric?

Turmeric is a fantastic addition to curries, Asian inspired dishes, baked goods, smoothies and juices. You can also make your very own natural antibiotic with turmeric and honey at home.

Why Add Honey To Your Turmeric Antibiotic Mix? 

Honey is one of nature’s most powerful antibiotics out there. Mixed with turmeric, these two are a golden combination.

The Benefits Of Honey:

  • Help weight management
  • Help with allergies
  • Fight disease through antioxidants
  • Help aid burns and wounds
  • Help lowering and balancing your blood sugar (used with cinnamon)
  • Improve coughs and colds

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