9 Facial Reconstructions From History You Should Know About

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One of the (few) ways that many of us can relate to the vast scope of history is from the visual angle. Research-based reconstructions certainly bring forth such an advantage with their provision of ‘glimpses’ into the past. And among them, facial reconstructions of actual historical characters rather notch it up a level, with their ability to tantalizingly sate our inherent curiosity about the ‘players’ in the grander scheme of things. So without further ado, let us take a gander at the ten facial reconstructions from history you should know about.

*Note – All of these reconstructions should not be judged as being entirely accurate when it comes to historicity, but rather viewed as an estimation of the visages in line with archaeology and research. To that end, some of the historical personalities are even presented with more than one reconstruction of their individual faces.

1) ‘Ava’ (circa 1800 BC)

The site of Achavanich (or Achadh a’ Mhanaich in Gaelic) in the northern tip of Scotland boasts its fair share of mysteries with the famed horseshoe-shaped arrangement composed of an array of stones. But researchers had given the ‘human’ touch to this Bronze Age scope of an enigma, by reconstructing the face of the woman whose remains were discovered at the site back in 1987. Given the moniker of ‘Ava’, the young woman was 18-22 years old at the time of their death, while her skeletal remains are dated from around 3,700 years ago.

In regard to the incredible project, the resultant work is the brainchild of forensic artist Hew Morrison, a graduate of the University of Dundee. Aided by the comprehensive research project on Ava managed by archaeologist Maya Hoole, Morrison was able to get a lot of details on the history and anthropology of the Bronze Age human specimen. Other features of her face were gauged from various data parameters, ranging from a chart of modern average tissue depth to an anthropological formula for calculating the depth of the missing lower jaw.

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