7 Best Patio Furniture Inspirations & More for Spring 2017

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As winter draws to an end and the temperature begins to tick upward, it’s time to turn your thoughts to spring. Creating a new backyard oasis is the best way to spend time outside amidst the blooming flowers on warmer days. If you’re searching for patio furniture, barbeques and grills, or even above-ground pools for your backyard, Watson’s is the number-one destination. They offer a huge selection of outdoor home entertainment options. Here, they present several ways you can transform your yard into a neighborhood hot spot.

7 Backyard Design Ideas for Spring 2017

1. Fireplaces & Fire Pits

An outdoor fireplace or firepit can serve as the central gathering place for your backyard. Friends and family can sit around and enjoy everyone’s company while staying warm during a chilly night.

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