7 Ancient Generals That Never Lost a Single Battle

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There are many famous and quite amazing ancient generals like Caesar, Hannibal or Attila. But not many of them were so good that they were never defeated on the battlefield, at least when they were in command. Here is a list of 7 commanders that actually succeeded in this epic feat.

1. Alexander the Great (356 BC – 323 BC)

Surely most famous on this list, and one of the histories well-known ancient generals. He succeeded his father on the throne of Macedonia when he was only 20. He spent the rest of his, rather short, life in series of military campaigns that led him from Greece and Balkans, across western Asia and Egypt to India. By the time he was 30 he created the biggest empire world has seen at the time. Some of the most famous victories were battles of Issus and Gaugamela, in which he broke the power of Persian empire he conquered. He died at 33, for unknown reasons, keeping his record loss-free.

2. Ashoka the Great (304 BC – 232 BC)

Ashoka may be the strangest among all ancient generals on this list, as not only was he a great military leader, but he is the only one who later in his life simple refused to wage wars. He was the Indian emperor of the Mauryan Dynasty. During his first 8 years of rule, he was bloodthirsty and he expanded his empire to cover land from Assam to Afghanistan, with only the most southern tip of Indian subcontinent out of his rule. This culminated with the conquest of Kalinga, which led to the death of 100 thousand soldiers and civilians.Afterwards, he felt regret, so he decided to make his rule more peaceful, avoiding any wars. That way he remained undefeated until his death.

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