5 Muscle Building Foods That Are Being Massively Ignored Nowadays

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The worst thing about the existing crop of lifters is their excessive reliance on supplements. There’s a reason why golden era bodybuilders had iconic physiques. They relied on ‘proper food’ to meet their ‘macro’ requirement. Further worsening the scenario are the word-of-mouth dieting tips. As a result, instead of consuming what should actually be consumed to build muscle, dudes are spending loads of money on supplements and still aren’t getting any result. That’s bound to happen. Whatever you do, never forget that food comes first, and then the supplements. Here are 5 massively ignored old-school muscle building foods you should be best friends with.

1) Full Fat Milk

A blend of whey and casein (20:80) protein, rich in vitamin A, K2, Omega-3 and CLA, full fat milk is an ultimate mass builder. Also, if you are drinking skimmed milk while trying to put on muscle, you need to stop being a complete idiot. Full fat milk doesn’t only have more calories, which is imperative to grow bigger, than skimmed milk but is also a complete source of electrolytes like calcium, potassium, magnesium and a bit of sodium.

2) Potatoes

Potatoes make you fat. Blame it on ‘crash dieters and weekend gym monkeys’ who spread this kind of rumour because this is the most idiotic myth associated with potatoes. Apart from packing a good number of calories in a small package, potatoes also have iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamins and minerals. If you are looking to pack on some serious mass and strength, include white potatoes in your diet.

3) Rice

Muscle Building Foods That Are Being Massively Ignored Nowadays
Before you start yapping about the glycemic index of white rice versus brown rice, let’s be logical. How many lifters do you know who religiously eat brown rice? Keeping the Indian households in mind, brown rice is more expensive and hard to cook. As far as the GI of white rice is concerned, you shouldn’t be bothered at all. You are trying to put on muscle and white rice will help you do so by keeping your blood glucose levels brimming. In short, white rice digests faster, is easier to cook, is cheap and helps spike insulin levels.

4) Whole Eggs

Egg ‘whites’ is the ‘in’ thing nowadays. Why? Again, blame it on the stupid ‘aesthetics chasing’ generation. Egg yellow contains as much as 43% of the total protein of a whole egg. Apart from this, egg yolk is rich in fat-soluble vitamins, essential fatty-acids and high density lipoprotein cholesterol or as generally called ‘good cholesterol’.

5) Bananas

Increasing your carbohydrate intake is just as important as increasing the protein intake while trying to bulk, and bananas do just that. High in carbohydrates, if placed strategically in the daily food chart, bananas can help you achieve massive gains.

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