15 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy A Tesla

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Tesla is all the hype right now. The innovation behind this car is what attracts its loyal following. However, even if Tesla has a strong following and even if it offers a lot of features that are new in the car market, not all of its cars are created flawlessly. If you look closely, you’ll see certain imperfections about the car that even hardcore fans find annoying, or worse, abhor.

Hence, if you plan to buy a Tesla, you may want to familiarize yourself with these imperfections so you can make a sound decision. To some, these flaws are reasons enough for them to say that getting a Tesla is a terrible idea. So, before you write a fat check and drive home a Tesla, read on to find out more about Tesla’s imperfections.

Admittedly, Tesla is cool and hip. Moreover, it comes with features that make the car stand out from the rest. Still, if you get to know its flaws, it’s difficult to just shrug them off, especially if you’re paying a steep price for the car. It’s just reasonable to look at all the cons before you give your final decision.

So, is the Tesla car for you? Or is it just a shiny new toy that’s more problematic than it looks. Read on to find out the 15 reasons why buying a Tesla might not be worth it and why it might be a bad investment for you.

15. It’s all the hype

Before Tesla even came to life, it was already making a buzz online and offline. There are many updates about it circulating on social media, which made it very popular among car enthusiasts online. Actually, if you were following its founder, Elon Musk, the updates arrive right on your phone regularly, which makes you desire it more. However, it seems that Tesla is just all hype. Although a lot of people call it the car that sets a new standard in the market, much like the iPhone when it first came out, it’s really a different situation. Getting a Tesla is much more expensive than getting an iPhone, a mistake not everyone can afford. So, you need to think hard if this car is really for you before buying one because some of what it offers might not suit your needs.

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