15 Interesting Facts About Norse Mythology

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2. The fable about the existence of the three realms and the nine worlds within these

According to Norse folklore, there are three realms in the Norse universe containing nine worlds within. These nine worlds surround the prime cosmological tree that is positioned centrally and is called Yggdrasil. As per the Norse fables, these worlds are inhabited by gods, warriors, giants, dwarfs, elves and the dead and go by the names of Asgard – the land of the Gods, Alfheim – the land of the Light Elves, Vanaheim – the land of the Fertility Gods, Midgard – the Middle World, Nidavellir – the land of the Dwarfs, Jotunheim – the land of the Giants, Svartalfheim – the land of the Dark Elves, Hel and Niflheim – the realm and the world of the Dead.

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