15 Adorable Ancient Greek Vase Paintings You Will Love

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Ancient Greeks were experts in pottery making and used different types of potteries like krater, amphora, pilike, hydria, pyxis, dinos and pithos for storing wine as well as oil. Various archaeological digs conducted over the years have helped historians unearth and discover Greek vases dating back to 1st and 2nd century BC. And one common feature seen on all these vases is that they are painted beautifully. Today, we will discuss about the 15 most beautiful Greek vase paintings that will cover designs from Attica, Corinth, and will also showcase Greek pottery designs like red figure, black figure, Meander and Geometric styles.

1. Ancient Greek vase with geometric painting

Geometric styled Greek pottery started around 900 BC at Athens, the hub of Greek culture. Vases decorated as per geometric style often depicted horizontal lines painted with patterns and showed designs of triangles, circles and arcs. Some new styles were also added once the Proto Geometric designs faded and these included the swastika and meander. The urn in the image bears many kinds of geometric designs, starting from its neck and proceeding all the way down to the main body. The horizontal bands are filled up with designs of circles, triangles, and meanders.

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