10 Western Guilty Pleasures Of Osama Bin Laden

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7. He Walked Around In A Cowboy Hat

While he was hiding, Osama bin Laden would walk around Pakistan with a cowboy hat on his head so that he wouldn’t be recognized.

It actually worked, for some inexplicable reason. About a year after 9/11, bin Laden was pulled over for speeding and got off free. The officer stared the most wanted man on the planet in the eyes and presumably thought, “Wow, this guy would look just like Osama bin Laden if he wasn’t wearing a cowboy hat.” And then he let him go, trumped by bin Laden’s Clark Kent-quality disguise.

The cowboy hat, though, was about more than just hiding. Osama bin Laden had wanted to be a cowboy since he was a little boy. In his early years, bin Laden would pass his time watching Bonanza and Fury on TV.[4] Then he’d go out to his father’s ranch, ride horses, and imagine he was a real-life Western cowboy.

He gave up on his cowboy dreams when he got older—but it’s telling that, in his later years, he chose a cowboy hat as his disguise. Maybe, in the back of his mind, bin Laden was still a little boy imagining himself as an outlaw on the run on a wild frontier.

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