10 Western Guilty Pleasures Of Osama Bin Laden

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8. He Was Good At Volleyball

When they weren’t busy plotting how to rain fire and destruction upon the Western world, the members of Al-Qaeda passed the time playing volleyball. And, reportedly, bin Laden was hard to beat.

“He had his own special serve, like a Russian grenade launcher,” one of bin Laden’s cronies has said. “First the ball went up in the air, and then it began to rotate. When the ball came back, it was virtually unstoppable.”

Bin Laden was so good at volleyball that Al-Qaeda made a rule saying that he and Mohammad Atef, the other star player of the Al-Qaeda volleyball team, had to be on different sides every time they played because it just wasn’t fair for them to play together.[3]

Al-Qaeda played volleyball a lot. Reportedly, bin Laden worked in a game of volleyball every day, usually midway through the workday, when the daily drudge of chanting “Death to America” and making IEDs starts to set in.

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