10 Vicious Tribes That Practiced Head-Hunting

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Head-hunting is known as the practice of taking or preserving the head of a person after killing that person for a ritual and ceremonial purpose. Head-hunting was conducted to prove one’s manhood, take a rival’s power, make the person a slave in the afterlife, or collect the head as a souvenir or trophy. These are the 10 most vicious groups and tribes that participated in head-hunting.

10. Maori

These Polynesian settlers had created their own language and culture that became known as Maori after arriving in New Zealand. The Maori formed tribal groups that were based on Polynesian customs, and within these tribes, a strong warrior culture emerged.

This led to head-hunting during raids and wars. After killing their enemies, these savage Maori would carefully preserve the heads by removing the skulls and then smoking the heads. Afterward, their victims’ tattoos and facial features would still be recognizable and these “pickled heads” became trophies.

The Maori were one of the most known groups to participate in both the head-hunting and cannibalism of their conquered enemies.

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