10 Most Ridiculous Ways Superheroes Have Come Back From The Dead

9. Punisher Gets Stitched Back Together

When Norman Osborn took over SHIELD, he tried to use his new position to wipe out his worst enemies. For the most part it went pretty badly, except when it came to the Punisher.

Osborn sent Wolverine’s son Daken to kill Frank. Punisher put up a good fight, but his gunshots were pretty much useless against a guy who can heal from exactly that and Frank Castle ended up chopped into meaty chunks.

Frank’s remains wound up in a sewer where they were found by the Legion of Monsters. The Legion was a group of some of Marvel’s more monstrous heroes, including Man-Thing, Werewolf-by-Night and everyone’s favourite eurotrash fake-vampire Morbius.

The Legion rebuilt the Punisher, but he was hardly better, stronger or faster than before. Instead he was Franken-Castle, a patchwork monstrosity of rotting flesh and steampunk machinery who needed pills to stop his damaged pain overloading with rage.

It was a sharp turn for the character and fans had a right to be worried seeing as how Frank’s last run-in with the supernatural resulted in his much-hated transformation into an angel of vengeance. However, Franken-Castle was actually a very fun cheesy B-movie style story.

The storyline ended in a similarly ridiculous fashion when Punisher was restored to his normal body by the magical Bloodstone.